Functional medicine is a holistic approach to finding causes and solutions to optimising your health. In layman’s terms a functional medicine practitioner pay’s attention to the ‘functioning’ of various body organs and body systems as a whole and in relation to your presenting condition. By supporting burdened body organs/systems with a variety of treatments may bring the body into balance to enhance healing and stimulate self-healing.


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Holistic Counselling is an approach which helps clients to heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration for assessment and treatment purposes.

It is a unique form of counselling, focused on a person in their entirety. It considers physiological and psychological as parts of a greater whole, and regards the mind, body, and spirit as fundamentally interconnected. Holistic counselling is aimed at empowering a client to discover and access their own inner wisdom and healing capacity – and in doing so, enabling them to embark on a remarkable and enlightening journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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The Relaxing Effects of Reiki Healing



Homeopathy is a two-hundred-year-old complementary medical science. It was developed through sound methodical research by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German medical doctor and clergyman over 200 years ago.

Homeopathy is a system of complementary medicine in which treatment of ailments are conducted with minute amounts of natural substances to restore and rebalance the bodies natural ability to heal.

During a homeopathic consultation your practitioner will not only focus on the presenting condition or symptoms, they take the individual as a whole into account.

The presenting condition is discussed in detail– eg. what aggravates or alleviates your symptom, it is it better or worse during the day or night, for hot or cold, for movement, etc.                                                                                                                       They will take a history of  many other aspects unique to the patient – eg sleep pattern, mood, energy, appetite, cravings, digestion, etc.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural substances. Unlike herbal tinctures, remedies are available in various strengths/potencies. Your skilled practitioner will  select the best suited remedies and to match your presenting individual profile and symptom picture.


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Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique by which a therapist induces an altered state of attention in another person in response to verbal or other stimuli. It may increase susceptibility to suggestion, change their behaviour, perceptions, responses and ideas or psychological processes, and can strengthen the individual’s willpower.

People vary in their susceptibility to hypnosis but research demonstrates that even light trance can significantly help individuals address their concerns and problems. It is natural and safe when used by trained professionals, and adults as well as children can learn to use it independently. CDs with recordings of the session will be provided to clients to enable them to revisit the appointment at any later time when required.

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young girl on reception at the psychologist, lies on the sofa
Kinesiologist or physiotherapist treating Neuro vascular holding - emotional stress release


Kinesiology studies the mechanics of body movements and is concerned with imbalances in the body's energy. It is a non-invasive therapy combining muscle monitoring (biofeedback) with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to restore balance and health to neurological and physiological function and to improve wellbeing and vitality.

Kinesiology uses muscles as indicators to detect and correct imbalances relating to stress, nutrition, learning problems, minor injuries or other health issues. A range of gentle restorative techniques encourage natural healing and the functioning of the body’s bio-systems. Clients remain fully clothed throughout the treatment and muscle testing is totally painless in a kinesiology session.

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Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body, the muscles, tendons and ligaments, and is the oldest form of physical medicine known to man. It treats the whole body and aims to healing both the cause of the disorder as well as the symptoms.Massage can work in two ways through the various body systems, a mechanical action and a reflex action.

A mechanical action uses pressure and stretching movement to move muscles and soft tissues, cleansing the body of acids and deposits, breaking up fibrous tissue and loosening stiff joints. A reflex is created by accessing nerve pathways, or flows of energy known as 'meridians' to treat connected parts of the body. For example, therapists will alleviate pain in the legs by massaging the lower back.

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Deep tissue massage to Trapezius muscle
The ancient natural medicine, herbs,  medicines and old book


Naturopathy is holistic, using safe and effective natural therapies to support and stimulate the healing power of nature. Instead of focusing on individual symptoms, it assesses and treats the whole person and the cause of the condition negatively impacting on the body and mind. Prevention of disease is accomplished through naturopathic education to build a lifestyle that supports health and wellbeing in the long term.

It integrates conventional health sciences with a range of natural therapies and traditional medicines to encourage the body’s own healing energy to flourish in a healthy and supportive environment. When developing a treatment plan naturopaths work alongside GPs or other health professionals to offer the best patient-centred care.

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Nutritional Medicine is a holistic approach to the interactions of both nutrition and lifestyle on human health. It investigates disturbances in body chemistry, resulting from poor diet, food sensitivity reactions, gastrointestinal dysfunction, inflammation and environmental factors, as the underlying cause and symptoms of disease.

Nutrition focuses on the vital importance of nutrients, and the metabolic processes of physiology required for optimal body function. Assessments of a person’s nutritional status include thorough medical history, dietary and lifestyle analysis (eating habits, food intake, exercise, stress, sleeping patterns) as well as diagnostic tests such as blood and urine tests, hair mineral analysis, muscle testing, tongue and nail assessments.

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A boy are eating fresh carrot


Psychology is the scientific assessment, analysis and evaluation of the conscious and unconscious thought patterns that initiate the behaviour of individuals. In addition, the psychologist takes into account the underlying environmental, physiological and metabolic processes that historically or currently impact on a person and their life.

Therapy can provide guidance and emotional support to help an individual of any age overcome a range of personal or professional issues and to address emotional as well as physical concerns. Psychologists may apply social, behavioural or cognitive methods of evaluation to best determine the type of treatment required, and the optimal strategy for a client to realise their personal goal.

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Reflexology is an ancient healing art which uses the principle of reflection of anatomy onto the feet, hands and ears. The reflex points in these areas are massaged with a variety of techniques including deep pressure point, rhythmic techniques, gentle soothing movements and light holding techniques.

It is a non-intrusive and relaxing therapy that works on many levels to calm, balance and boost the entire body. Throughout the treatment only shoes and socks are removed. After a session, the patient will become aware of the changes taking place as toxins released from congested systems are processed and eliminated.

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foot massage
Close up of chiropractor pressing with hands on womans chest at reiki session.


Reiki (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’ and aims to improve health and enhance the quality of life. It is grounded in the belief that stress, illness and disease occur when the universal life energy within our body is low.

Treatments follow a traditional pattern of hand positions, resting without pressure on or above the body and channeling energy through the hands. The client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment.

The skills and techniques are simple and easy to learn. Small children and adults can equally comprehend and incorporate this gentle form of healing into their lives.

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Vega MRT is a device for regeneration therapy of intercellular tissue (active mensenchime), a new concept of treatment is applied which enables successful therapy for different illness.

Environmental toxins and metabolic waste trapped in body tissue may result in sluggishness, discomfort, muscular aches and often unexplained symptoms.

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