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Therapy with a qualified psychologist or counsellor can provide a range of benefits as it allows people to develop an understanding about themselves and their behaviour that may be harmful or destructive physically, emotionally and/or socially. Throughout the sessions clients become aware how certain behaviour patterns are initiated and are provided with tailored strategies and professional advice to assist with everyday life and to overcome a particular issue or situation, and how to make lasting changes. This knowledge can help with:

  • decision-making within family, work and social environments
  • avoiding stressful situations
  • time management, setting and achieving goals, enriching careers
  • relationship skills and better communication
  • building self-confidence and living effectively
Beauty couple solved their problems on psychotherapy


Psychological therapies are widely used to treat individuals, couples and families of all ages, ethnicities and structures, with this form of therapy also beneficial in group and organisational formats. They create change by talking through problems and issues, and are an opportunity to work towards a more satisfying and resourceful experience of life.

Counselling and psychotherapy is invaluable for treating any crisis situation, management of stress, grief and trauma, relationship or family problems and any emotional or psychological problems.

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There are many different styles of therapy and an initial consultation enables a client to assess whether a particular style is suitable for them. Some therapists work in the present, whilst others are more interested in a client's past and family relationships. All therapies and treatment programs use reliable and scientifically supported methods.

  • Counselling: Includes relationship counselling. Focus on specific problems or life changes such as bereavement or addictions. Providing different view points and advice how to address issues as well as constructive behaviours which will help to reach specific goals.
  • Psychotherapy: Includes CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and mindfulness. Restructuring of the client's personality and thinking processes, and will be likely to work over a longer period of time, depending on the clients.

Information adapted from the Australian Psychological Society and Natural Therapy Pages.

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