Healing Touch is recommended for the aged and people with life threatening illnesses and injuries as it is a very gentle and peaceful treatment. Within Western Australia, Healing Touch has been used for many years in assisting conventional health care at various hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. It has been found beneficial for the following applications:

  • facilitation of wound healing and pain management
  • support for patients with hypertension, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, HIV or AIDS, migraines and headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • decrease of anxiety, tension and stress
  • preparation for surgical procedures and management of side-effects
  • support for the dying and grieving process
  • addiction recovery
Entspannung, Ruhe und Wohlbefinden durch eine Massage. Kopfmassage


Healing Touch provides a holistic approach to person’s complete well-being and preventing illness, providing physical and mental benefits. It offers peace and quiet, love, care, kindness and pleasure, and a time of restoration for body and mind.

  • Physical: Reduces pain, discomfort, stimulates blood flows, stimulates lymphatic system, allows better sleep, reduces muscle tension.
  • Mental: Increases relaxation. Reduces intellectual confusion and disorientation. Bridges a person’s fear and isolation.



Information adapted from the Healing Touch Program.

Picture of specialist doing reiki treatment to young woman